Monday – the relaxing day

So far so good. A beautiful morning. I woke up to an amaIng sunrise (actually, I woke up around three-thirty and the sun finally joined me around five. Something must be severly
wrong with me… Every morning I wake up at three and can’t fall back asleep. I am going to be so messed up when I get home!

The sunrise was amazing (Brian has me conditioned to expect doughnuts and the smell of tires when I see a sunrise. Plumeria flowers and the sounds of the ocean had me confused!) I read magazines and entertained a little Thai squirrel on the balcony until Brian woke up.

We played chess on one of the patios for a while. Brian trounced me again, but I am getting better. I’ve only just started to learn….and already I have Brian calling the Knight ‘the pony’!!!

I hope to lure Brian out into the sun again today. Maybe lie on the beach a while…


One thought on “Monday – the relaxing day

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a good time. Bri in a elephant show – now that I have to see on video to believe it!! Take a swim in the ocean for me! Have fun! Jenn.


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