Getting Through The Night – II

We have just survived another round of:  ‘Is This an ER-Worthy Event?’ Fortunately, this time we were home, and not in Thailand as we asked this of ourselves.

Ugh!  So I got stuck on antibiotics yesterday, no big deal.  I had a bit of a headache too, not a big deal either.  Normally.  I don’t know if the antibiotics made me sick, or if the headache developed into something evil on its own or if it was the combination of the two together…. At any rate, I spent the whole afternoon and most of the night god-awful sick.  I am one of those people who if I don’t eat, I get sick… even if I am already sick.  So counterintuitive! ‘Eat something so you quit throwing-up.’

Around 9:30 Brian’s voting for a trip to the ER… I was thinking about calling my mom (Mommy!), but I was afraid she might agree with him about the ER…. or worse… she might make me eat something! He relentened when I agreed to eat some Cheerios… one-at-a-time….  Cheerio, fall back asleep, Cheerio, sleep… it was a long night.  We slept with the Cheerio box in bed.  (Boo loved it!  She ‘narffed all the Chieeros that I spilled.)  By 4:30 I felt okay enough to take some excedrin and I woke up this morning feeling less like Death.

I would like to nominate my dearest husband for Saint-hood.  For bravely staying with me and providing fresh, cool wash-cloths while I barfed; bringing me bland things to eat and not being mad when I wouldn’t eat them (even if I did ask for them to beging with); not complaining about Cheerieos in the sheets; for listening to me when I said I didn’t want to go to the ER; for NOT listening to me when I said I couldn’t eat anything; and for just generally being there and not smothering me with a pillow (I can be bitchy when I don’t feel good… no, really!).

While I’m at it, I should probably nominate my mother too… for getting me through my childhood (and not smothering me with a pillow).  I am sure Brian would second the nomination… I am a much better patient now then I ever was as a child!  Love you, Momma. Love you, Bri.

Hopefully I can be less entertaining in the health department.  I would prefer to stick to chattering about parties, baking, and crafting with an occasional Mini or Pomeranian comment thrown in for variety.  Cross your fingers for me!

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