We’ve Been Boo-ed!

BooHalloween is my absolute, compete, total, favoritest holiday ever!  Seriously, it’s all about fun and color and candy and letting your imagination run free and … did I mention candy?

Boo-ing is sort of like being a Secret Santa, except way less organized.  (Again, see why Halloween is so much more fun?  No committees and lists..  No pressure to pick just the right gift… just candy and fun.)

So anyway… to become a Boo-er yourself: Print out the “We’ve Been Boo-ed Sign” and a copy of the Boo-ing Poem (with the instructions printed on the back of the poem), grab a cute bag or basket, stuff it full of treats and leave it on someone’s desk or doorstep (don’t leave chocolate where pets might get into it!  Chocolate can be deadly to animals.) … then RUN!

Once someone has been Boo-ed they have 2 days to Boo two more people… and so on and so on….and the cycle of candy and fun goes on!

Brian, Boo (our Pomeranian…. Boo is just her nickname, but you can see how much our family loves the holiday, right?)  & I have been Boo-ed twice already this season.  Someone (even if you can guess who Boo-ed you, you can’t let on that you know!) left us two MINI blueberry pies and some S’nausages (for Boo) and a new kind of Hershey’s Kiss… Pumpkin Spice!  I love finding new flavors of Kisses and making Peanutbutter Smoochie Cookies.  Thank you Boo-ers!!!!

Hershey’s has some great Boo-ing Kits.

Organized Christmas is also a great site with tons of ideas and free printable Boo signs.

So get to Boo-ing!

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