Any Excuse for a Party

love to throw parties… dinner parties, movie night, holiday, anniversary….any excuse will do really, but birthday parties are my favorite.  I don’t care how old you are…. everybody deserves a fun/pretty birthday party.  I HATE the notion that once you get older you don’t rate balloons and streamers!  Especially as you get older and the ‘real world’ takes over…. it’s nice to be reminded that your friends and family still think that having you in their world for another whole year is something worth celebrating.

Brian and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary…. We planned ahead and got married on Memorial Day weekend… so two parties in one!  AND… Skye and Greg just got engaged …. THREE reasons to celebrate!

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Food is SO important at a party and its a great time to experiment… if a recipe is yucky you don’t want to have a whole batch just for you, but at a party you have a bunch of people to try it out on (Guinea pigs!).  I like to go for lots of variety…. I don’t want anyone to leave my party hungry.  Pinterest is my latest addiction and a great place to find new recipes.  I have a whole board of food ideas…. check it out!

Here were some of the hits from the party:

I have a couple of Vegetarian friends and I always try to have some vegetarian friendly options… This time I tried to be clever… I found a symbol (google it) for ‘Suitable for Vegetarians’ and pasted it on all the Veggie Friendly foods.  Yes, I DO put name tags on all the food… people will invariable ask what everything is… name tags are cute and save you from having to go over the whole menu 20 times.   I use the printable business cards and tape toothpicks to the back of them.

Instead of trying to find matching table cloths, or using paper (ick), buy cheap flat bed sheets.  I buy white ones (so you can bleach them) when I find them on sale.  Twin size work great.  If you have card tables you just fold them in half and they fit pretty nice.

A final thought: “To invite someone is to take charge of his happiness during the time he spends under your roof.” Jean-Antheleme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826).  Hosting parties is my way to share a little happiness.  I invited you…. I’m gonna take care of you… sit back and have fun.

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