System Reset

It was just an off handed comment, a wish, I suppose.  Though I should know better to wish without thinking it through.  You never know how the Universe will make your wish come true.  Suddenly it becomes, as my mother would call it:  A Prayer the Devil Answered.  Like wishing you had more money… then your beloved Aunt Tillie drops dead and you inherit.  Or saying you wanted to lose some weight… and you get pneumonia and throw up for two weeks…  I try to be mindful of what I suggest to the Universe…. clear and specific.

I wan’t really meaning anything much when Mom and I were having tea a few months ago and I mentioned that I wished I drank more tea.  I just meant, that I should reach for the tea box rather than the coffee, but I loved coffee so much too.  And then I woke up one morning and the smell of coffee made me gag.  (NO, I am not pregnant.)  Coffee was just the first thing to go.

I must have been making other stupid comments without thinking and the Universe was in a mood to be helpful….  We have this adorable little fruit stand near work… I wished I’d be motivated to stop and pick up fruit and veggies more often… Doritos addiction… wished I could give them up… why must I love such naughty foods?!   I thought I was just coming down with something that first week or so… then a month passed…. now three.  I can’t stand the sight or smell of Doritos. Diet soda makes me ill, coffee can only be tolerated one cup here or there… my frozen meals that I always ate for lunch are long gone.  New food allergies showed up!  Thank Heavens that Brian is such a good sport about everything.  We went for a few weeks with only chicken for dinner!  A time or two he has been told that he can have whatever he wants, but he has to get it himself and it can’t smell.  I think he was surviving on spaghetti, but I can’t be too sure since I was hiding from smells in the other room.

Three months have passed now.  I’ve given up on believing this is just a passing tummie virus or some weird phase of mine.  The Universe seems to have done a complete System Reset and I am just going to have to adjust.  If I’m not fighting it, it’ really not so bad.  I still love cheese and bread.  Fruits taste amazing now.  I’ve bought a ton of different teas and I’ve given up almost all soda (Dr Pepper is still my friend when I get a headache).  Most prepackaged foods and a lot of fast foods are now of the Yuckie List.  Really, it has just been the struggle of relearning what to cook.  Brian can’t be convinced that an orange will suffice for dinner.  Happily, it is summer and Brian doesn’t mind grilling most nights.  I’ve been stopping once or twice a week and picking up fresh fruits and veggies at the fruit stand, salmon or steak and different cheeses at Schnucks,  loaves of bread from Bread Co…. This would be easier if we lived in France!  This isn’t exactly a cheaper lifestyle… but it is yummier and healthier.  I’m eating richer foods, but much less (I think I got a new Full Level in the System Reset) and it is easier to lose/maintain weight now.

I don’t think I am quite through the entire System Reset yet… The allergies haven’t settled and my sleeping has been thrown off again.  I’m trying to fight it all less and just be pleased with the new healthy Likes and accept the old Likes that need to be let go….

Hopefully soon, I’ll be sharing new, fresh and healthier recipes!

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