April Birchbox

I am SO behind on reviewing my Birchboxes.  Its certainly not because I’ve fallen out of love with them.  Not by a long shot!  As soon as BirchBox sends me the notification that my box has been shipped I start tracking the shipment…. and checking my mailbox… as if it might have arrived early….. I know! https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/april-2013/april-2013-bb11 A little extreme….. I just get excited!  And for me that’s really the best part about Birchbox… something to look forward to.  Which is why, when I get a box like I did in April with nothing very exciting, it isn’t that big of a disappointment.  Nothing amazing… oh well… I had fun waiting for it to arrive and guessing what might be inside.

Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-on – Full Size –  Enh… It feels cool (literally) when I apply it under my eyes, which is nice.  I’ve been using it for 5 months now (off and on)… I can’t say it has done anything amazing.  The cool feeling is nice though.  – $10.99

Kérastase Age Premium Bain Substantif – Cleanse – (Sample size) – Not even a good sized sample.  It was just one of those silly packets that you have to gnaw the top off.  Just enough for one wash.  What’s the point?  Okay… it didn’t muck up my hair, but with one little sample how was I supposed to tell if it did any good?  – $38

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum –  (Sample size)  Actually a decent size.  I was able to use it for almost a month.  It was okay? I didn’t notice any big difference, but it didn’t bother my skin at all. –  $85

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss  – Full Size – Loved it!  Nice color, silky feel, long lasting…. great….  And then I used it down to the edge… No problem.  I’ll just sharpen it, right?  Wrong!  I had two different sized sharpeners already… tried both… didn’t fit.  Bought another new sharpener… a third size… still didn’t fit.  For $27, I am sure they mean for you to be able to sharpen it… but I am not boing to buy a third sharpener for it… I just don’t care that much.  – $26.55

LAFCO House & Home Soap – I’m just not a big fan of bar soap.  Somehow my brain believes that the germs stay one the bar (Its soap, I know….  Not rational, but that’s the truth.)  I just tossed it in Drawer of Unexpected Gifts (I keep a collection of random things that can be gifted in an emergency.  Don’t laugh!  I have some interesting things in there that have created some pretty cool gift baskets.) – $17

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