May Birchbox

This was probably my favorite Birchbox so far.  While in the past boxes I had found products that I liked I had yet to find a product that I liked enough to find it/order it.  Of course I liked the product that HAD to be ordered from Birchbox, but fortunately, by the time I ran out of the sample, Birchbox sent me a promo code for 30% off and I got free shipping…. woo hoo!

May Birchbox

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle (Sample size) – I have used tons of leave in conditioners and smoothing sprays… tons! I have perfectly straight hair that likes to get fuzzies and cause trouble.  Most sprays or serums tend to weight my hair down or give it a slightly oily/sticky feel.  Not this stuff!  I adore it!  I just spritz my wet hair 3-4 times and then blow-dry or air dry as usual… nothing fancy.   Fuzzies and fly-a-ways are gone!  My hair is super soft and it smells really nice too.  Beauty Protector makes a shampoo and conditioner too, but they are about $20 a bottle and I figure it is better not to get hooked on them too. –  $21.95

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner (Full Size) – I got the Navy Blue eyeliner.  It is a soft wax pencil, which I like and the color was really nice.  What I didn’t like was that it tended to smudge.  (I normally use a soft eyeliner from Cover-Girl and it doesn’t smudge.)  I really wanted to like it, because the color is great and it goes on super nice… but I go to yoga (not a class where we sweat a lot… just a bit) and I would come out with blue smears.  I tried it a couple of times, wondering if I was rubbing my eyes are something, but my regular eyeliner didn’t smudge, so it had to be this one.  So it might survive better on someone who could stay put in a nice air conditioned space all the time…. but not me.  – $11

Folle de Joie eau de parfum (Sample Size) – Love, love, loved this perfume…. LOVED!  When it ran out I was going to buy it too…. and then I saw that it was $100… I love perfume, but I think it is a silly thing to spend a ton of money on… I try to keep myself in the $50 range, and even that seems silly, but I convince myself that it lasts a long time and it’s for the good of others…. they get to smell me, right?  I have trouble going much over that price range.  If there were a perfume that I would spend $100 on though, it would be this one.   – $98

COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face (Sample size) – I don’t like SPF…. It makes my skin itch and I am just not convinced that it is good for you like they say.  I tossed it in my purse and figured I’d come across someone who would need it.  (I carry the “mommy-purse” even though I don’t have kids).  It wasn’t long before someone was looking for sun block and I gave them my sample.  He didn’t get a sun burn, so I guess it worked okay.  He’s a guy, so he wouldn’t give me much of a review either…. “Its fine.”  – $32

Pilot Corporation of America Acroball PureWhite® – Umm…. its an ink pen…. A nice ink pen…. it’s blue…. I dunno, it’s an ink pen.  I’m not going to complain.  I tossed it in my purse and so far every time I have needed to let someone borrow a pen they have tried to run off with it… So I guess it’s a pretty good pen.  – $6.24

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