June Birchbox

June’s Birchbox was pretty much a disappointment all around.  I’d been so excited when I saw the sneak previews on Facebook, but once I got to play with the items in the box I was disappointed.

I discovered Birchbox when I was playing around on Pinterest.  There was this cute hair tie that promised tug-free, dent-free ponytails.  Woo hoo!  Following the pin, I ended up on another blog that was talking about Birchbox and the treasures in her latest box.  I researched Birchbox a bit more and decided to give it a try.  After six months of boxes (more good than bad), I finally got the two items that had originally led me to join Birchbox to begin with: Nail Polish and this hair tie.

twistband Birchbox Nautical Hair Tie Collection – I got one hair tie…. the pink one with the sea horses… um… it’s all twisted up in my ponytail, so the design isn’t a big deal.  The twistband held pretty good and it really didn’t tug my hair.  It stretched out sooner than I’d expected, but I am pretty rough on them. I like them and I am happy I got one… I’m not paying $14 for 5 of them when I can buy 30 of those soft elastic bands for $3?? But I did like them enough that I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the elastic ribbon ($3) and made my own.  – $14

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – To be honest… I didn’t even use it.  It went right into the Drawer of Unexpected Presents… If I am going to wash my hair I am going to wash it… dry soap just seems kinda gross and like more work than just washing.  – $18

Furlesse Elevens – At first I thought this might be cool… then I realized it’s just fancy packing tape.  You just stick this thing to your head and… what?  It’s supposed to stop me from scrunching up my forehead for a while?  Not impressed.  My husband wanted to know if I knew I had tape stuck to my face.  – $19

Color Club® Wanderlust Collection – I’d been so excited to get nail polish… Nail Polish!  Can you ever have too many bottles of nail polish?!  No!  Wait… yes you can… if it is this stuff, one bottle is too many.  It was gunky.  One coat wasn’t enough.  It wasn’t just thin, thin is fine, it was streaky.  Two coats was gunky.  And the color!?  I like odd colors… this stuff was radioactive green.  blech! – $8

Youngblood Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder – This stuff could have been nice, but it was so hard to tell.  It came in a ridiculously tiny container and I had to shake it out into another container to use it at all.  It didn’t kill me, but I only got a use or two out of it, so I couldn’t say if it was really any better or any worse than any other powder.  – $40


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