Never too Old to Sparkle

The other day I was at the salon getting my nails done… (Because heavens knows getting my nails done right before I spend a long weekend working on a bathroom renovation is a genius idea… But I was in a mood and feeling like doing something frivolous and pretty…. so a Maini-Pedi it was.)

3836a7faa920310545f223bce45b1d53Helen, the owner, and her client had been chatting and I’d been half listening as Tony finished my nails. I’d been left with instructions to sit still and let my nails dry… I’m bad about that… I was playing with the little fan and the various bottles of nail polish that had been left within my reach when Helen asked her client what color she wanted (she was getting French tips too) so I offered her the bottle of pink that I’d used. It was a very light pink with just a bit of glitter…. It’s not super eye catching, but it has a bit of a shimmer. The lady shook her head, “No, no,” she said…. “I’m too old for glitter.” I know I must have looked at her oddly, because she added, “you’re young… You can still wear sparkle.”

Huh?! There’s an age limit on sparkle? Who made up that rule? Probably the same moron who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day. (And who follows that anymore?)

Also, I’m pretty sure we were the same age… Or pretty darn close. She’d been talking about her kids and just guesstimating, I don’t think she was more then five years older than me… Mayyyybe 40?

So I’m admitting here that I’m 35…. And I’m totally fine with that. I’ve worked too hard to get here to ever be ashamed of my age. I’ve survived… I’ve learned… I’ve gotten better and I’ve got seniority now!20140705-094343.jpg

Why aren’t we proud of our seniority in life? We’re delighted by it in the working world. Seniority at work means we get more money, more vacation, first pick at projects…. Senior Associate is way better than Junior…. Right?

It’s not your AGE that limits you… It is your mindset.

(And maybe your knees… My knees are convinced that I really shouldn’t be climbing mountains…. But the rest of me is all for mountains…. So we tell the knees to suck it up… and we climb.)

Physical limitations are not a product of age… They are the result of use, injury or illness…. and can be healed, overcome or out maneuvered. (I do a lot of yoga to help my knees and keep me feeling good.)

Never let a number… Or someone else’s ridiculous notion of what that number represents….hold you back.

20140705-101443.jpgI’ll wear whatever color nail polish I want! I’ll wear white when I choose (not often, ’cause I’m a mess..) and I’ll be damned if I’ll cut my hair short just because I’ve reached a certain age!

The only thing you are ever too old to do is waste an opportunity. Get out and enjoy the world! Spend time with a friend….Read… Learn… Do stuff!!! Be happy. Happy people sparkle.

You are NEVER too old to sparkle.


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