Momma Drama

IMG_5471It’s been one of those absolutely insane weeks where time stands still and then suddenly rushes forward without warning.  Sunday night my mom ended up in the ER and Tuesday morning she had to have surgery.  She had a hernia and it needed to be repaired ASAP.  The doctors promised that they did this surgery all the time and that she’d be fine…. but quite frankly this is MY MOMMA and I understand a bit too much of the medical terminology to be completely reassured.

My Aunt sat with me in the waiting room to distract me and keep me from wandering into the OR to “supervise.”  Like I said… this is MY MOMMA… I don’t really trust anyone with her, but me…. Of course, I’m not a surgeon, so it was probably for the best that Aunt Sheila kept an eye on me.  (I know that I am damn lucky to have family that knows me and loves me anyway!)

Mom’s surgery went well, but as with any surgery there are risks.  We all watched her like a hawk…. or a pack of hawks… (flock?)… and finally on Friday I got to take her home.  I might be just a bit more freaked out now because now she is up and wanting to go DO things.  *sigh*

Aunt Sheila, Mom & me at Kimmswick Witches Night Out

Since this whole week has been filled with starts and stops and sudden jolts in time, imagine my surprise when I woke to discover that the week was nearly at an end and Brian and I were supposed to be leaving on our MINI Takes the States Road-Trip on Saturday.  With a ton of trepidation… not so much because Mom looks bad…(because she doesn’t,  she looks good…. and who know’s what she’ll get into while I’m gone?!)  but because she’s MY MOMMA and MY BEST FRIEND… I mean, we grew up together… she was just a kid (25…. and from my vantage point now, that’s just a baby) when I met her…. Nobody knows her as well as I do…. and no one knows me like she does… OBVIOUSLY no one can look after her as well as I can….. But Mom said to go and promised to be safe and just sit around quietly.  I don’t entirely believe her….. but Sheila has promised to do more of that Hawk-Watching thing (She has a daughter like me, so she gets it…)  and Mom does hate it when I sit and stare at her…..  So Brian and I packed up the car this morning and headed out on our MINI Adventure.

The best mommas are the ones that can give you wings to fly and yet manage to keep you grounded at the same time.

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