Shop Small, Shop Local

The holidays are upon us… (if the big stores are to be believed, Christmas was here sometime in late August…. )shop

I’m usually more on top of my holiday shopping, but this year has thrown me for a loop.  In my family we have the added excitement of birthdays.  The majority of birthdays (both sides of the family) are in November – January.  There are only five of us with spring birthdays and one September thrown in for a bit of uniqueness.

I try really hard to find something special or unique for everyone.  We’re all of the age or ability to pretty much go get what we want… so it has to be something unique…..

Working for a small business myself, I like to support my fellow little businesses and shop small and local.  When I do shop online I like to find little crafters and artists… love Etsy!  It’s like giving two gifts, one for your family/friend and one to the business owner…. who can in turn spend that money on their family… keeping it all local… Shopping to make a difference! (Woo hoo!  Shopping justification!)

So if you’re in my area, or looking to shop online, here is a list of some of my favorite little guys:

Eclipse Holistic Fusion

1035 Main Street 
Imperial, Missouri

I just adore this shop!  I’ve been a client of the owner for six years or so now. When she opened her own shop this year I was ecstatic! Kim is an amazing massage therapist and her shop is filled with all kinds of soothing, pretty, comforting and good for you things.  Kim handcrafts copper and stone jewelry (I can’t get enough of her earrings!).  The shop also boasts a wide assortment of crystals and stones, angel cards, books, teas and incense.  A number of local artists also display their paintings and carvings at Eclipse… so you never know what will be on the shelves!  Eclipse also offers yoga classes and, of course, Massage Therapy…. so don’t forget about gift certificates!

Only Child Originals

176 North Main Street
Ste Genevieve, Missouri

More jewelry!  This is a super cute little shop in historic Ste Genevieve, Missouri.  (Which is a great place to visit during the holidays anyway – Check their calendar for the annual Christmas Walk.)  The owner handcrafts all different kinds of lovely beaded jewelry.  She’s also started adding glass and ceramic pieces and these odd, rusty lamps…. they’re so not my style, but I love them… and want one… and have no idea where to put it… but I moon over them every time I’m in the shop.

The Spa Room

5212 US HWY 61/67
Imperial, MIssouri

Pampering!  Kim (another Kim) owns the Spa Room and offers a variety of spa services.  Manicures, pedicures and facials….. My personal favorite are the facials.  I’m scheduled for a hot stone foot massage in December….. can’t wait!  Consider gift certificates.  She also sells a product called the Makeup Eraser… I bought one, just because I was trying to be supportive… I wasn’t expecting it to be as awesome as it was, but WOW.  It’s like a washcloth… but you don’t need any soap or lotion.  Just wet the cloth and wipe your makeup right off!  I was skeptical at first.  I used the cloth with warm water and it looked like all my makeup was gone… but I grabbed one of my makeup removing towelettes….. and it came away completely clean!  I used to use two of the towelettes to get my makeup off, but now I just use the Makeup Eraser.  Best of all (in my opinion) it takes mascara off with no rubbing or soap… just a little warm water.  About once a week I toss it in the wash… no special treatment or anything.  Love this thing!

Bonne Terre Airport

7444 Williams Lane
Bonne Terre, Missouri

Well, I couldn’t go without mentioning this one!  So you’re thinking… an airport?  No, I’m not suggesting you buy an airplane…. but what about an airplane ride?  Yep, Bonne Terre Airport offers Sightseeing Rides and Introductory Flights.  A super cool gift for someone who has never flown or maybe is interested in learning to fly.  Its also fun to take someone flying over their own town or family farm!  Maybe you know someone who wants to learn to fly?  How about Ground School classes?  Or an hour with an instructor?

Historic Kimmswick, MO

I love shopping in the old river towns in our area.  (Check out their calendar for the annual Holiday Open House and Cookie Walk.) Pretty much every shop in Kimmswick is wonderful, but I especially adore:

  • Serendipity Gifts  – I found the best camera strap cover here.  Very pretty with a cute little pocket to hold the lens cap.  They have tons of other cute stuff too!
  • The Cozy Cottage – What don’t I like from this shop?  Just bag it all up for me!  Purses, jewelry, home decor…..
  • London Interiors – This shop sells the cutest home decor and chalk painted furniture… and the chalk paint if you want to DIY!
  • The Design Haus  – Lots of pretty home decor, but I love their soy candles and melts the most.  They last forever and smell wonderful.

The Feminine Touch

47 N Allen Street
Bonne Terre, Missouri 63628

You can tell that I’ve got a thing for spas….. I’m okay with that!  The shop is in this cool old house right in the heart of Bonne Terre, MO.  Love this place! Hair, nails, massages, waxing…. coffee shop….. Pampering and coffee!  I’ve gotta tell you… there are few things as decadent as wandering from massage to pedicure to manicure with coffee supplied all along the way.  They do all kinds of packages and gift certificates.

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