The Spanish Moss Inn

The Spanish Moss Inn, Savannah GAIMG_0079

It is SO hard to choose a place to stay just by looking online!  I’d narrowed down the search criteria to (a) a Bed & Breakfast/Inn (b) near River Street/Historic District and (c) not insanely priced… ($300 a night seemed a bit much to me.)  I waffled back and forth over a couple, but finally chose the Spanish Moss Inn based largely on the location and the reviews.

IMG_0061I’d originally picked out the two upstairs rooms (Gold & Aqua), but I let Brian look at the website and he wanted the rooms with the bricks…. sigh…. so we booked the Garden and the Mariner’s rooms.

According to the website, check-in time is 3:00 p.m.  We arrived around 4:00 and were greeted by the housekeepers who weren’t quite sure what to do with us.  (We did add a day to our reservations… we weren’t supposed to arrive until Monday, but we changed our plans since it was going to rain all day Sunday in Atlanta.)  After a quick phone call to the owners, we were given keys and led down the stairs…. the creepy, narrow stairs…. (It IS an old house…. Mom said she was expecting something from Harry Potter… the Room Under the Stairs!)  I was sure there’d been some miscommunication until we rounded the corner and were pointed to our rooms. Whew!

Brian & I chose the Garden room and gave Mom & Dad the Mariner’s room.  Ours is bigger… it has a small seating area and a four-poster bed.  Both rooms have brick walls and high shuttered windows.  Neither room has an attached bathroom…. hadn’t quite caught that when I was booking the rooms.  The Mariner’s bathroom is just right outside the door.  Ours is down a short hallway. Both have a teeny, tiny shower.  There is an exit that leads out into the garden and from there either to the street or the detached garage.  We received remotes to the garage with our room keys which is nice that we don’t have to park on the street.

It’s a little bit chilly downstairs.  (It IS November, though… I’m also not positive that Mom hasn’t gotten to the thermostat… she likes Arctic temperatures.) These would probably be the more comfortable rooms in the summer.  I wish I’d brought slippers though since the floors are all tile and the bathroom is all the way down the hall.

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Once we were settled in our rooms we explored the house a bit more.  According to the welcome letter in our rooms, the innkeepers won’t be in until 6:30pm. We went out for dinner and came back around 7:30 or so… we poked around the main floor for a bit, but never came across any other people.   There is a sign on one of the doors that says you can knock for assistance, but we didn’t really need anything…. we were just sort of wondering if we were supposed to “check-in” or something….

So far, we’re the only ones in the house, so I wandered upstairs to check out the other rooms.  Our rooms downstairs are probably the prettiest…. I do really like the brick walls.  The two rooms on the second floor (Gold & Aqua) have a really nice view of the park area across the street and bathrooms with tubs.  The Dormer room is probably my favorite though.  It is the only room on the third floor and has these beautiful exposed beams and arched walls/ceiling.  There is also a small bathroom with a shower on the third floor.  You really couldn’t pick a bad room… they are all beautiful.

The location is perfect.  It is in a quiet spot on Bay Street, right across from a park and just a few streets up from the river.

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