Send Me Gluten Free – March Box

Send Me Gluten Free March Box Brian says that I was pretty negative in my original review of the Send Me Gluten Free box.  I didn’t mean it to be a negative review… actually I was pretty excited about SMGF on the whole… they just have some elements that I think would make it much better… but I like to box… and would recommend it.

Since I’m trying to introduce my family to the Gluten Free lifestyle a bit more I decided that I’d share my SMGF box at Family Dinner Night.

(If you haven’t been following along, Brian and I host Family Dinner Night every Tuesday.  We usually have about 12 people… everyone from Grandpa (91 yrs) to cousins (18 yrs)…. so we have a great sample audience.)

Pamela’s Products – Figgies & Jammies Fig Cookies (Raspberry & Fig) – This was really yummy.  Tasted pretty much like Raspberry-Fig Newtons.  The cookie part was nice and moist and the filling was chewy…  the way it should be.

ToufayanGluten Free Wraps – I was probably most excited to try these wraps.  I’ve tried several different kinds of wraps that have ranged from ‘ok’ to really awful.  These were great!  I would definitely buy theses again.  They were nice and flexible, didn’t tear and tasted pretty much like a flour tortilla.

toosumAcai & Cranberries – Yuck!  I shared this with Mom…. we didn’t even finish it.  It was dry and…. strange.  It left a weird aftertaste too.

Surf Sweets – Gummy Bears – I think most gummy bears are already gluten free, but Surf Sweets gummies are free of many of the other big evils (soy, corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors…).  They were really good.  I meant to share with Mom, but I think I ate most of them.

Redd RemediesJoin Health Soft Chew – They only gave me one chew!  What am I supposed to get from this sample?  It tasted okay… I don’t know why people need chewy vitamins anyway…. I’ve out grown chewable vitamins.  Just swallow them, for heavens-sake! According to the package I should feel results in 7-10 days…. so give me seven of them to try.  Enh… not an impressive sample.

nogii – Whey & Quinoa Protein Powder (Cocoa Chocolate) – I don’t like protein drinks, so I mixed this up (with Almond Milk) at Family Dinner Night and let my aunts and cousins (who do drink protein drinks) try it.  The general consensus was not great. They all mentioned that it left a nasty aftertaste.

Le Veneziane – Lasagne – I made two lasagnes for Family Dinner night.  One using my favorite GF lasagne noodles (Simply Balanced) and the other using the Le Veneziane noodles.  The only difference was the noodles.  Everyone got a medium sized slice of lasagne… I marked the Le Veneziane with a toothpick and let them vote which they liked best.  The Simply Balanced Lasagne was the clear winner (except for Grandpa, who insisted that the slice with the toothpick was far tastier…. I think he was just being ornery though.)  The Le Veneziane noodle was good.  I would certainly recommend it.  The only complaint was that it was ever so slightly ‘mushy.’    Or perhaps not as firm as the Simply Balanced.  Taste-wise, I don’t think anyone noticed a difference, and I’d say that you could feed this to a non-GF person and they’d never know.  As far as I can tell, you’re probably going to have to order these from Amazon…. at about $7/box.  I’d just stick with the Simply Balanced from Target for less than $3.00.

CobraZol – Roll-On Chronic Pain Relief – I haven’t tried this yet.  Miracle of miracles… nothing hurts at the moment!

Kimchee Seasoning  – I haven’t tried this either…. mostly because I’m not sure what to do with it. I’ve never had a recipe call for Kimchee seasoning. (I guess I’ll have to look for one.)  I also couldn’t find a website for this product.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my first Send Me Gluten Free Box.

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