Sticky Fingers Bakeries Gluten Free Scones

Sticky Fingers Bakeries GF SconesA few weeks ago I was roaming the isles of TJ Max when I came across a Gluten Free Blueberry Scone Mix from Sticky Fingers Bakeries.   TJ Max is actually a great place to discover new Gluten Free foods. They have an ever-changing variety of interesting products at great prices.  I can get into so much trouble in that store! ‘Why yes, yes I do need glitter nail polish, tea, chocolates, a dog bed and a new dress….’

As I’ve said, I don’t miss too many of the wheat-filled things from the old days, but there are a few things that every once in a while I just get a craving for.  When I came across these Blueberry Scones from Sticky Fingers Bakeries I just couldn’t resist.

The box sat in the pantry for a while before I had a chance to make them.  Usually Brian makes our breakfasts on the weekend and during the week we eat our Breakfast Casserole.  Last weekend Boo, our Pomeranian woke me up for an early morning potty break and I couldn’t get back to sleep after I let her out.  Since I was up anyway I figured it would be a great time to try out the new mix.

I followed the directions except for where it called for vegetable oil, I used coconut oil.  I do that in most recipes and I haven’t ever had it change anything.

The scones were okay.  We ate them warm and slathered with real butter.  Brian said they were good, but I thought they left a weird aftertaste.  I may be more sensitive to that kind of thing… I’m always saying I can taste something slightly bitter and Brian and Mom don’t seem to notice anything.  So that could have just been me.

For a gluten free bread-type-product they were pretty good.  All too often GF bread-things have a grainy texture, but these didn’t have that problem.  They could have stood to be a touch sweeter… maybe a sprinkling of sugar across the tops?  I think that could have masked the aftertaste I was complaining about.

I liked them.  Not enough to buy them again, but I would be interested in trying other GF products from this company.  The Meyer Lemon sounds pretty tasty.

On the Sticky Fingers Bakeries site they charge $6.25 a box.  I paid $4.99 at TJ Max.

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