Wheatless Cafe – Bowling Green, KY

Wheatless Restaurant Review, Bowling Green, KYBrian and I were in Bowling Green, KY for a Track Weekend with the little blue MINI Cooper recently.  Miracle of miracles, we actually made it to the track in time to check in and drop the car off at a reasonable hour.  Usually we get stuck in traffic and end up eating dinner in the car….. but this time we actually had time to find a real restaurant.  We turned to our trusty Find Me Gluten Free app and discovered Wheatless.

A WHOLE Gluten Free restaurant!!  Not just a GF menu…. the WHOLE place is Gluten Free!  Oh, and the food was gooood.  The menu was loaded with all those delicious comfort foods that you must say good-bye to when you go GF.  Mac & Cheese, Onion Rings, Chicken Fingers…. and that’s just on the lunch/dinner menu.  We didn’t get to visit them for breakfast, but they had French Toast and Cinnamon Rolls on the menu.  (Next time we go back, I plan to call ahead and order cinnamon rolls.)

Not only was the entire place Gluten Free, the menu was clearly marked with what items were Soy, Nut, Dairy, vegetarian and Wheatless Restaurant ReviewEgg free.  The lady at the counter was very friendly and knowledgable.  She asked if we had any other food restrictions because our ordered could be made with or without eggs and dairy.  Wow!

Wheatless Restaurant Review, Bowling Green, KYBrian ordered the Chicken Strips and Cheesy Bacon Potatoes.  I ordered the Monterey Chicken and Onion Petals.  For dessert I had a cream filled Whoopee Pie.  Heaven!

The bun (you can’t see it in the photo) was made fresh, in-house and was delicious.  Light and fluffy with none of the grittiness or denseness you often find in GF breads.  I REALLY wish we could have tried the cinnamon rolls.

If you are in the area, you should definitely try Wheatless.



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