Send Me Gluten Free – April Box Review

April Send Me Gluten Free BoxLast month I shared most of my SMGF Box with the family at Family Dinner Night, but this month my Send Me Gluten Free box seemed better suited for snacking. Perfect!  Brian and I were headed to Bowling Green, KY for a Track Weekend, so I tossed the whole box into our food bag.

Level – Double Chocolatey Chip Protein Bar – This one didn’t get eaten on our trip, so Mom and I finally tried it one afternoon for snack.  (I just can’t convince myself that this much chocolate should be breakfast or lunch.)  It wasn’t awesome.  It was dry and crumbly and the taste was just so-so.  Thank you, SMGF for sparing me from buying a whole box and being stuck with it!

Skinny Pop PopcornSkinny Pop Popcorn – I received the plain popcorn.  It was yummy enough… but it was just popcorn. I might have been a little more wound up if I’d gotten the White Cheddar… I try to NOT buy white cheddar popcorn.  It seems like I open the bag and BAM! it’s all gone… I don’t know how that happens.  🙂

AllergEase – I can’t say that it’s helped my allergies… so far I’m doing okay this spring.  (fingers crossed!)  Taste-wise, they aren’t bad.  I usually don’t like the honey & lemon flavored drops… most don’t taste like honey or lemon!  This didn’t taste much like honey or lemon either, but in an okay way.  The menthol flavor overpowered the honey and lemon.  The taste was okay, so I’ll keep them in my purse and try them out if I start getting sniffly or scratchy.

AlterEco – Mini Dark Noir – “smooth and rich, with a firm snap, strong bite, and a hint of licorice.”  Licorice… I had to read the product description to catch that.  It’s a very light taste of licorice, but it’s just perfect.  Very smooth and rich.  Would be heaven with a cup of Tea Pigs Licorice & Mint tea!

Crazy Korean Shopping – Wholly Gochujang – I haven’t tried this one yet.  SMGF sent a few recipes with it though, so that is a bonus….. ’cause I wasn’t sure what the heck to do with it.

Superseedz – Coco Joe Pumpkin Seeds – Oh, yum!  These didn’t get eaten over the weekend, so I took them to share with Mom. She turned her nose up at them initially, saying that she’d had them before and wasn’t impressed.  I dumped a few on her plate anyway and told her she had to help me review them.  Apparently she hadn’t had them before… we both really liked them.  Nice and crunchy with a light taste of chocolate… a little salty… perfect snack to keep in the purse.

Sun ButterSun Butter – I’d planned to have this for breakfast with a banana, but our hotel didn’t have any bananas.  😦  Why is it that the “fancy” hotels charge you more and don’t have any of the extras? I’ll take my Holiday Inn Express’ thank-you-very-much…. they have my bananas and yogurt.  I had to wait until I got home and picked up bananas to give this a try.  Yum!  It’s like peanut butter… but nuttier?  Don’t laugh. I don’t know how else to describe it.  The Sun Butter has a slightly ‘nuttier’ flavor.  It is very good.  I don’t have a peanut allergy, so it’s not a huge deal for me.  I like the Go-Packs.  I might have to order a box before our next road trip.

Goodie Girl CookiesGoodie Girl – Quinoa Chocolate Chunk – Brian ate all the cookies!  I wasn’t sure about Quinoa in cookies, so I let him eat the first one…. and then he ate them all.  So I guess that’s a pretty good review.

Overall, I’m still pretty pleased with the Send Me Gluten Free boxes.  I received several product that I hadn’t tried before…. I liked most of them and there are a couple that I will actually order.  Woo Hoo!

If I have convinced you that you can’t live without your own box of Send Me Gluten Free treats, use PROMO Code: BLOG20 and get 20% off!

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