Stitch Fix #1

Stitch FixMy first Stitch Fix arrived today!  (Because I need more stuff…. right?)

Stitch Fix sends you an assortment of five items every month or so (you can choose to receive boxes more or less frequently).  You could receive dresses, jeans, shirts, jewelry or handbags.  You aren’t locked into a subscription and you can change the frequency of your boxes at any time.  You can also ask for specific things…. Like, “I’ve got a wedding to go to next month, send me some cute dresses.”

The part that got my attention was that you get your own personal stylist who you can communicate with and who (hopefully) will be able to tailor the clothes to your tastes and body type.

You pay a $20 styling fee each Box which can be applied to your current box if you choose to purchase an item or two.  If you purchase everything in your box you will also receive a 25% discount on everything.

(Read more about Stitch Fix HERE.)

Stitch Fix, Boo the Pomeranian, Not Impressed
Boo is not impressed.

I learned a number of things from my first Stitch Fix experience.

1.) I have no good places to take photos of myself in the house.  So just forgive the photos this time, I’ll try to do better… or get Brian to take them next time.

2.) I am not a patient person. (Fine, that’s not a revelation, but that does explain why I didn’t want to wait until Brian could take the photos and why I didn’t want to wait until it was daylight and I could take the photos outside)

3.) I am really nit-picky.  I hope my stylist doesn’t hate me.

4.) My dog thinks that I am weird. (She insisted on being in every photo tonight… but normally refuses to look at the camera when I try to take photo of her!)

I was super excited when I saw all the gorgeous reds and blues in my box.  I couldn’t wait to try everything on… and I was worried that I would want to keep everything!

First I tried on the Skies are Blue “Wiggin Crochet Detail Blouse” ($48).  I wasn’t a huge fan of the color….it was more of an orangie-red and it was see-through.  I HATE that.  I’m not opposed to layering, but I hate having to wear a cami under my shirts. Also, the size was weird… It was super tight around the shoulders and I had to do some fancy wiggling to get the thing back off… and strangely loose around the waist.  It was not attractive at all.

Next was the Alice Blue “Lucio Henley Blouse” – ($48).  I was so in love with the color and the style… I was almost ready to forgive it for also being see-through…. then I couldn’t fit it over my head at all…. it stuck on my arms… All the fancy wiggling in the world wouldn’t have gotten me back out of it… so I gave up.

So now I’m starting to think that maybe I’m not Stitch Fix’s idea of a Medium? I generally shop at Kohls, Old Navy and TJ Maxx and I almost always wear a medium…. I have chunky arms and a generous amount of cleavage, but a smaller waist. Mediums are usually fine. With those fresh disappointments I wasn’t at all excited about trying on the dress….

Pixley “Leevie Dress” – ($78). I actually liked the dress a lot more than I had expected.  I LOVED the sequins on the shoulders and the length was perfect… I’m 5 foot tall, so getting dresses the right length is a trick.  There was a sheer layer on top and a thicker silky layer underneath that made the dress really soft and comfortable.  I don’t normally like dresses with an elastic waist, but this one hit me at just the right spot that it didn’t look frumpy.  My only complaint was the sleeves.  On anyone else it probably wouldn’t have been a problem, but I’m just really not comfortable in such short sleeves… and I specifically mentioned that in my Stitch Fix profile, so I’m a bit disappointed about that…. Three more inches on those sleeves and I’d have kept it.

Octavia “Raymond Plaid & Polka Dot Scarf” – ($38).  I have a small obsession with scarves.  I get cold easily, but as long as I can keep my neck warm I’m okay… so I have a million scarves and I can always take another one… especially if there are polka dots involved. I thought this scarf was a sure thing as soon as I saw it in the box, but once I tried it on.. I feel silly saying that I needed to ‘try on’ a scarf… it just wasn’t exactly right.  It is double thick and wide…. I’m not sure if maybe I’m supposed to be wearing it more like a wrap?  When I tried tying it like it showed on the Suggestions Card my head was almost swallowed up completely.  I’m torn.. its very soft… and it does have polka dots and plaid…. I want it…but…

Kut From the Kloth, Dayna Skinny Jean, Stitch FixKut From the Kloth “Dayna Skinny Jean” ($88).  Last were the jeans.  I started to dismiss them immediately.  I already have a couple pairs of jeans that I adore.  Also, these jeans had a bit of that ‘whiskering’ around the hips/pockets that usually just looks unflattering.  Even when I tried them on I was still not loving them… they fit fine… the length was pretty good… a tiny bit long, but then again, I am 5 foot tall… there are kindergartners that are taller than me….. But the longer I wore them (mostly while I was screwing around with the camera and trying on the other two shirts) I started to notice how comfortable they were…. Almost like leggings comfortable.  Dammit!  I liked the most expensive thing in the box.


So here’s how this works:  If I had liked everything in the box I could have bought it all and saved 25% and applied my $20 styling fee to the purchase.

Merchandise Total: $300

Buy 5 Discount: -$75

Styling Fee Credit: -$20

TOTAL: $205.00

I’d been hoping to like the least expensive item out of the box…. or everything!  Instead, I like the most expensive item.  I’m still debating weather to keep the scarf ($38) or the jeans ($88)… remembering that if I return everything I lose my $20 Styling Fee credit….

Decisions…. decisions…. Maybe I should just call Mom….

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Also, I you want to try out Stitch Fix I would really super appreciate it if you would use my referral code… I’ll get a credit… and you’ll get good fashion karma!




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