MTTS Packing List

10552630_10152323693423668_5713593808735944385_nBrian and I had such a great time on our first MINI Takes the States.  We’ve been dreaming and talking about MTTS 2016 almost from the moment we left MTTS 2014.

We’ve been hearing from a lot of people on the blogs who are wondering what they should pack.  So Brian and I have started putting together our list of ‘Must-Haves” and other suggestions.


Must Haves

  • Camera – This is so obvious, but don’t forget to check your camera bag for batteries, tripod and extra memory cards.  Last time we packed the tripod (for photos of us with the MINI in cool locations), but forgot the adaptor that attaches to the camera and snaps into the tripod. We hopped online and ordered one from Target and had it ready for pick-up in store in the next town.  – THIS ONE
  • Cooler – We used THIS ONE. It fit perfectly behind the seat of the MINI Roadster.  Brian refilled it with ice every morning and we never had any leaks.  Since we are both Gluten Free we packed deli meat, cheese, chips and nuts… never needed to stop for fast food.  Saved money and calories.
  • Kindle & Audible Books – Okay, no Kindle if you’re the driver!  But if you are the passenger there are long periods of boring roads where you might want to read.  Brian and I have also gotten into audio books and podcasts.
  • Neck Cooshie  -Again, this is just for the passengers…. drivers shouldn’t be napping.


Overcast – A podcast player.

Find Me Gluten Free – A wonderful app to help locate Gluten Free restaurants.

Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. all the obvious ones.


Disclaimer: Just our opinion, based on our 2014 MTTS experiences.

Don’t get super wound up about staying at the Host Hotels.  We stayed at Holiday Inn Expresses (be sure to sign up for the rewards program!).  One of the nice things about the Holiday Inn Express is that they have free breakfasts.  MINI often offered breakfast at the events, but its not guaranteed… and it was usually breakfast burritos or sandwiches… which were not Gluten Free (not a complaint, MINI!  Just something to note).  The HI’s omelettes and sausage were Gluten Free… or if I couldn’t find someone to let me read the labels, the bananas, peanut butter and yogurt were a safe bet!IMG_9266

Don’t get super wound up about getting to every Rise & Shine.  They are SO early!  I enjoyed the one at the Capital in Austin, TX… it was cool to get a photo of the car right in front of the Capitol. Otherwise I didn’t find the Rise & Shine’s to be a huge deal.  Last time MINI posted the Route Notes on the app, but even without it, you know where the next city is…. you don’t have to follow the crowd.

IMG_9307The Mid-Day Surprise & Dazzle events were usually my favorite part of the day. I LOVED the Drive-Thru Safari!  Brian wasn’t as impressed by the Roswell UFO Museum, but I thought it was fun.

Make your own Trading Cards through Vistaprint or Shutterfly.  Brian and I printed up business cards with a photo of us and one of our MINI’s and our email, Instagram & Blog info.  If you make new friends you want to be able to catch up with them again!

So, that’s all I can think of at the moment….. how about you?  Share your suggestions!




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