Stitch Fix #2

I was entirely too excited to get my second Stitch Fix.  I haven’t been this excited about any of my other subscription boxes.  I guess part of the excitement is that there are so many possibilities…. Jewelry? Dress? Purse? Jeans? Shirts?  Who knows!

(If you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix  yet, you can read more HERE.)

It is also fun to know that my Stitch Fix Stylist, Sharon is working to figure out what the heck it is that I like (good luck, Sharon!) and what will look good on me.  It’s like shopping with a fashionable friend.

This month I convinced my husband to take my photos…. they turned out SO much better this time.  Mom was at my house this evening, so we had a little fashion show.  It was even more fun to have Mom and Brian voting too!


PAPERMOON – Beverley Lace Side Panel Knit Top  – $54

I really liked this shirt, the fabric was soft and comfy.  I wasn’t sure about the horizontal stripes, but Mom and Brian both voted to keep it.


PIXLEY – Avah Knit Top – $58

I wanted to like this shirt, but is bunched up strangely around my hips.  The pattern just didn’t do anything for me either.  I decided to send it back.


BANCROFT – Jared Pre-Layered Necklace – $34

This necklace looked like one that I would have pinned, but just never ends up looking right on me.  The second layer always ends up sliding down my neckline and bugging me.  Also the blasted thing was so tangled up when it arrived that it took Mom thirty minutes to untangle it… she told me to send it back because she wasn’t going to untangle it for me again.  Cute… but I sent it back.



SKIES ARE BLUE – Silva Button Front Top – $54

I wanted to keep it as soon as I opened the box.  I loved the color and the material… Never mind that already have several plaid shirts… I adore plaid, but it wasn’t meant to be.  This was a Petite size and while I am five foot tall, so definitely a petite, I often have trouble with the shoulders of petite shirts.  So, sadly, this shirt had to go back.



LOVEAPPELLA – Ronna Dress – $68

One of the things that I like about Stitch Fix is that you get your own personal stylist who listens to your reviews and learns your tastes over time. My stylist, Sharon, listened to my comments about the dress in my last Fix and pointed out in her notes how this dress had sleeves (I’d complained about the lack of sleeves on the last dress) and no elastic waist this time.  She got so much closer with this dress! I like the cute little split up the back of the dress that allowed the black under layer to peek through.  The length was also very good… which is tricky to do with me since I’m five foot tall.  Mom liked it and I was tempted.  In the end I decided to return it.  I don’t wear dresses a lot, so when I do I want them to be comfortable and make me feel confident.  This dress had a high neckline and I felt like it made my chest look…. umm… huge. I don’t need any help in that department.

I kept the PAPERMOON – Beverley Lace Side Panel Knit Top  – $54.

$54- $20 (Stitch Fix Styling Fee)  = $34

If you want to try out Stitch Fix I would really super appreciate it if you would use my referral code… I’ll get a credit… and you’ll get good fashion karma!


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