MTTS – The End 

Our MTTS adventure ended yesterday. 

We’d actually planned to go all the way… Track to Track… and then spend a couple days in Disneyland and then drive home.  We should have been gone for two more weeks…. but Mother Nature had other ideas. 

Back home in STL we had some big storms that took out several trees causing a bit of damage around our house and Mom’s farm. Nothing terrible, but there was a lot of mess that needed to be cleaned up. Can’t have our open houses with tree debris all over the place. 

Well, actually you can… but our Real Estate Agent said ‘no way.’  *sigh* Sheri knows best. 

I am SO over Missiouri and the screwy weather…. I’m really looking forward to living the beach life. If I’ve gotta cut my vacation short and clean up tree debris… Fine!  Whatever it takes to get me to my new beach house! 

MTTS was awesome!  I’m sad we didn’t get to complete the whole route, but we had a great time while it lasted. At least we got to see all the states (on MTTS) that we hadn’t been to yet. We’ve already been to the other states on the route….. It still would have been fun to revisit those states with MINI. 

All in all we spent 91 hours in the car together… Covering 4400 miles of the country. Good thing we like each other!  

Back home… Back to work… So we can get on to our next adventure… Beach living! 


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