you can go home again, but Mom will have moved everything

They say you can’t go home again.  What they should have said is ‘you shouldn’t go home again, and if you do, for some stupid reason, you won’t be able to find anything.’

Since our house officially sold at the end of July, we’ve been living with Mom until her house sells… which will be at the end of September… so basically out of one chaotic, moving-box filled mess into another.

Living at Mom’s is just a short-term thing until she closes on her house and then we’ll all move into the RV…. Me, Mom, Brian, Boo…. and six (SIX OMG!!!) cats.  I thought I was being really clever when we started moving our stuff into Mom’s place.  Most of our stuff was already packed in a POD and on its way to Florida to wait for the new house to be finished (which is never going to get finished if these builders don’t get started!).  So I kept putting the things that I knew we’d need in the RV into the RV.  Right?  Makes sense…. we didn’t need it in Mom’s house so it should just go straight into the RV…Right?

Well, it would have been a good plan except that we took the RV in for service and apparently I have no ability to estimate how long it will take to get things done.  (Actually, I’m pretty good at estimating how long it takes me and Brian to get stuff done, because we just DO things.  Got a project?  GO DO IT!!!! Bam!  The project is done.  It’s not hard people!!!! – Oh, dear….  can you tell I’m a bit tired of working with other people?) Anyway….. So I packed useful things into the RV and just brought clothes and stuff inside. And then we sent the RV in for service and apparently I needed everything that was inside it.  😦

I spent the first few days at Mom’s sick as a dog… moving stress isn’t good for my head and I had headaches and then I did something (moving) to screw up my back… but Mom babied me, so it was kinda nice.

Then I spent the rest of the week looking for things.  Things that Mom either got rid of IMG_1178already (‘but you said you had a blender, muffin tin.. etc.. so I took mine to Goodwill’)… or she moved them at some point in the 17 years since I moved out.  It was all very exciting. It’s been like living in my very own Chopped episode.  ‘Now you must cook dinner using only a spoon, a whisk and the contents of the pantry!’ Since we’re trying to use up all the random stuff left in the pantry dinners have been kind of interesting….

I bake when I’m stressed and not being find anything in the kitchen was making me more stressed.  So the second week I had a fit of OCD and rearranged everything in the kitchen while Mom was gone.  She loved it…. yeah…. no.  No….. I’m totally in the doghouse every time Mom looks for something now. I keep trying to explain my system… Everything is alphabetized by category….. but she’s not having it.  She keeps moving the peanut butter and coconut oil back into the lazy-susan when I’m not looking.  IMG_1182

This morning Brian made his Happy Accident GF Biscuits for breakfast so we could work on using up all the jelly in the fridge.  Between Mom’s collection and our own we had six jars of jelly/jam open. And apparently, Mom has been stockpiling Costco bacon….. I’m going to weigh 400 lbs by the time we get out of here.




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