Brown County Indiana 

Our first stop on our Fall Colors Tour (as I’ve decide to call this month before we actually move to Florida) was Brown County Indiana. Brian and I had planned to visit a few years ago after a MINI Track Weekend, but ‘lil Blue pitched a hissy and we ended up spending a few days at the dealership getting her fixed instead. 

Pinterest led me to the Brown County State Park. It’s a huge park with a nice campground that had good facilities. The cats enjoyed sitting in the RV windows and watching the neighbors. Boo wasn’t so impressed with all the people and their dogs. Apparently, she’s got something against Beagles…. I dunno what, but the she cussed the neighbor Beagle out every time she saw it. 

On Monday we hiked some of the trails through the park. I took a ton of photos of mushrooms/fungi. I also slid down a hill and landed on my butt… good thing I have plenty of padding. If I hadn’t been eating all those caramel apples I might have really gotten hurt! 

Maybe I can convince Brian to let me visit a Starbucks for caffeine and WI-FI and I can load a few of my more interesting fungi photos to my Fine Art America account later. 

Boo likes to go on hikes…. as long as someone else is doing the hiking. 

Saturday we visited Downtown Nashville, IN. It’s a pretty little tourist town with dozens of shops, restaurants and wineries. 

I finally found one of those tall banner flags (sometimes called feather flags) shaped like a ghost. I’ve seen them places, but never for sale. I convinced Brian that we needed it because all the other RV’s and campers had decorated their spots and we just looked pathetic without any decorations. (Seriously, people have decked out their camp areas. It’s crazy!) The ghost flag should go good with the zombie flamingos that the lady who bought our house gave us as a moving gift. (Watch Facebook for the photos!) 

Boo found some treats at Bone Appetit Bakery that she was just head over tail for. I’ve bought her tons of fancy treats, but usually she just turns up her nose and sneers at me… but these Pumpkin Flax cookies were something special. They’re gluten free and made with pumpkin and cinnamon… flax…. and other stuff… they smell really good and they’re nice and soft. We bought her a small bag because she usually gets bored after a treat or two, but she kept asking for more. The shop owner said that they ship, but she also said that they freeze well and since Boo was so impressed with them we went back and bought a 1lb bag and froze it. 

Boo has her own Instagram account now and she’s also on Facebook if you’d like to follow her adventures and read her reviews. 

Sunday we drove around and checked out the local artists’ studios on the Backroads of Brown County Studio Tour.  (The self guided tour runs all through October.) They’re really, really serious when they say ‘back roads’. There were a number of tiny, twisty gravel roads that made us really glad that we’re driving Mom’s sensible car and not our sporty convertible. We probably couldn’t have made it to a number of the studios in the convertible. The dive was enjoyable. Indiana is beautiful, but it feels lonely…. nice to visit, but I don’t think I’d want to live here. No wonder there are so many artist studios… they’ve got to be bored out of their skulls when the snow starts to fall. 

We saw a lot of pretty artwork. I would have liked to buy a few things, but since our house isn’t even built yet I’m not sure where anything would go…. I’m not even sure where all my walls are going to be yet!   

On the recommendation of one of the artist from the Studio Tour we tracked down the Bean Blossom Covered Bridge. There are a bunch more covered bridges in the area, but we only had the three days and I’d already managed to keep us pretty entertained so we just visited the one. 

Brown County was fun to visit. I’d recommend it for a long weekend in the fall. A nice girls weekend or romantic getaway. 

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