On the Road

Finally! OMG, I thought we’d never get going. 

Bright and early, Mayhem woke us up with her ‘I shall punch the door with my stupid little white paws until everyone gets up and does what I want’ routine. 

Apparently, she was trying to tell us that Mom was already awake and doing several emergency loads of laundry. (Thank you, Sweet Pea for expressing that you’re literally ‘pissed off.’) 

While Mom was trying to squeeze herself and a giant armload of sheets and comforter out the teeny tiny RV door, Dora saw her chance to escape and launched herself off the dash, onto Mom’s back and out the door. 

Once she was captured, Dora got to wear her new kitty harness and we teathered her to the table. 

Three loads of laundry later…. Dora discovered that if she hooked the leash under the kitchen counter and then hurled herself, skydiver style, from the counter into the trash can she could manage to get herself out of the harness. 

Four loads of laundry later, Mayhem had enough and made a break for it out the door. We’re out of kitty harnesses, so we just chucked her back through the door. 

Somewhere in the midst of all the fun, I decided to make breakfast… a breakfast bar just wasn’t gonna cut it today. Good news!  The smoke detectors work awesome. It was just the steamy stuff from the bacon, I hadn’t set anything on fire…. though I am pretty sure that I’m gonna set my tummy on fire with this damn gas stove! Of course, Boo couldn’t be convinced that the whole place wasn’t about to blow sky high, so Mom had to take her for a walk until she calmed down. 

Finally, the laundry was done and everything was stowed away (more or less), the fur-kids were all accounted for and the car was hitched to the RV. It was time to go. In a way the fun-fun start to the morning helped override any emotional stuff over leaving. By the time we’d finally gotten ready to go we were just like ‘let’s just fucking GO already!” 

Right off the bat, Mom slammed her hand in one of the sliding doors, so she’s not allowed to ‘move about the cabin’anymore. (Just sit on the couch and hold this ice pack, Mom.)

We hadn’t even made it to the highway when Brian started sniffing the air and looking around. ‘Do you smell that?’ Yeah… I smelled it. So I went searching for the source of the ‘kitty statement.’ Under the table I found Vickie looking traumatized. Someone had puked on Vickie’s head (I’m gonna give Vickie the benefit of the doubt here, cause it’s pretty hard to puke on your own head) and under the table… and pooped too… just for good measure. Vickie was looking at me like, ‘you know this wasn’t my fault, right?’  

Thank god for the Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain and Oder Remover Spray.  It has some kind of enzymatic something or the other that actually breaks down the cat pee evil. We used to swear by it when I worked at the pet store in college. So so so glad that I thought to grab a bottle before we started this little adventure. 

And it’s not even noon yet. 

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