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My name is Stephanie and I’m a Jamberry fanatic.

I first came across Jamberry when I worked as an Event Coordinator arraigning  Craft Fairs and Festivals. It took three festivals before I actually got a Jamberry Rep to show up. The first two events I had reps sign up but then cancel before the event… so by the time I actually got a rep to show up I was pretty excited. I’ve always loved painting my nails and Jamberry sounded right up my alley.

I love how the wraps can survive and stay pretty no matter how brutal I am to them… We flip houses for a living and I use my fingernails as tools for scraping paint and picking up screws and nails, mudding and taping… I do real damage. Amazingly, the wraps survive. They even helped keep my nails from breaking. The acrylic nails were the only thing that even came close to holding up and they required a trip to the salon…  Who has time for that?!

I like that I don’t feel guilty about changing my Jamberry Wraps every week… even though the wraps still look great after a week my nails grow pretty fast and I hate that ‘grow out’ line at the cuticle. I always wanted to get my acrylics filled every 1 1/2 weeks… and that got expensive fast. With the Jamberry Wraps I can do a new manicure every week – week and a half and it costs a third of the price of the salon… and I get cool designs!

Newsletter News

So, about the newsletter……

I don’t want to swamp the original PhoenixRize Newsletter with everything Jamberry… I’ll still throw in an occasional mention, but the whole point of the PhoenixRize Newsletter is to introduce new and different things… yoga, travel, books & recipes.

I’ve started a new newsletter just for Jamberry. If you like pretty nails and you’re interested in more info about specials and new releases you can signup for this new newsletter devoted to Jamberry stuff.

Just follow this link and check which topics you’re most interested in:

  • Gluten Free Living
  • Yoga
  • Jamberry Nails

If you’re already getting the PhoenixRize Newsletter this will just update your interests. Feel free to check em all! Checking Jamberry will sign you up for the new Newsletter and Checking GF Living and/or Yoga will get you the PhoenixRize Newsletter… I just gave you the option because every once in a while GF Living gets its own announcements.

**** You read the whole thing?  Yay!  Okay, here’s how you get your present. Comment on this post or Message me on Facebook and I’ll send you a Jamberry Sample Pack!****

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