Gimmie all your money….kidding, just kidding

You may have noticed that I’ve started doing a few new things on the website, blog, newsletter and on Facebook.

First I want to issue a statement: I’m not a sales girl….I’m the same chatty blogger that you know and love. (Like?…. vaguely tolerate?…. stop… just stop… this is just bad for my ego.)

Anytime you see me posting about a product I’m posting something that I use and love. The whole point of the PhoenixRize Blog is to share stuff that I think is cool, interesting, fun and worth sharing with my friends. Recipes, yoga tips, travel destinations, thoughts and products.

I’ve recently become associated with two new organizations that I’ll be sharing through the PhoenixRize Blog that allow me to make a little profit if you purchase through me…. if you want to buy through my links… cool. If you don’t… equally cool. Okay?  If you want to shop at Target or used book stores…. still cool. The links I’m sharing give you the chance to purchase through me and I get a small fee from the company….

The first…..

I’m pretty sure you couldn’t have missed that I’ve joined Jamberry. I’m madly in love with these nail wraps and products. They’re just so perfect for me…. these things hold up to all the abuse and torture that I inflict on my hands and nails and they still look pretty. Nail polish doesn’t stand a chance with me.  Acrylics are the only thing that even comes close and they cost about $20-30 every time. I like to get the French Tips… plain color is a bit cheaper, but with Jamberry I can have French Tips and/or other embellishments…. for about $5 a manicure. Yep… each set of wraps ($15) can do up to 4 manicures. 💜LOVE 💜 … oaky…woosh!  I just took off on a Jamberry ramble… see?  I have no control when it comes to sparkles. Sorry about that.

And the second….

Really isn’t anything you haven’t already seen in my posts/newsletters, I’ve always posted links to books and products on Amazon. What has changed is the fact that I now live in a state that allows me to collect a fee if you buy through my links. I’m an ‘Amazon Affiliate’… which means that when I post a link from Amazon there’s a little bit in the code that tells Amazon that I suggested the product to you. It doesn’t change your interaction with Amazon or the cost of the product at all. Amazon doesn’t give me any info about you… just that someone bought through my link. Another cool bit is that if you click my link and buy anything from Amazon within 24 hours of that click I get a fee. For instance, I share a certain book… and you click my link and decide not to buy that book, but you choose another book and maybe a box of tea… I still get a little fee. (I didn’t understand that about the program before I joined…. and I follow a lot of other bloggers who are part of the program too… just thought it was cool.)

So I have the ability to monetize my blogging/posting habit a little bit now.  If you need any encouragement to shop… I’m happy to have helped!  If not…. well just ignore me… no biggie.

I just wanted to be up front with you about what I’m posting and the fact that I make a bit of a profit on certain items.

Still love me?  Yay!  Okay… let’s go shopping!

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