We stumbled across Larry’s Giant Subs with the help of the Find Me Gluten Free app the last time we were in Florida. Since our move to Florida Larry’s has quickly become a favorite.

I’ve been to three different Larry’s locations and each one has been great about reassuring us of the gluten-less-ness of our sandwiches.

The first time they handed me my sandwich I thought they’d made a mistake and given me ‘real’ bread. I tried to hand it back, but the lady just laughed and said it really was their gluten free bread. It’s really good GF bread… fluffy with a nice flavor, and not crumbly or grainy like some GF breads. Like most sub sandwich breads, it’s still more bread than I want/need and I tend to yank hunks off and discard them. Mom liked the GF wrap… I need to try that next time. She said the flavor was good and it seemed to hold up nicely…’bendy’ would be the technical term, I suppose.

It was a $2.25 up charge for the GF bread on the 8″ sub and $3.00 on the 12″

They could be a little more generous with the meat on the deli sandwiches, but the chicken breast sandwiches are just the right amount.

All in all, I love that sub sandwiches are available to me again. Few GF carry out options travel well…. It’s nice being able to pick something up quickly and take it home or to the beach… wherever.

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