Mom and I ventured out into our new world all by ourselves last week. I was ridiculously proud of myself for navigating in a completely new city…with Google’s help, of course. I used to live just south of the St Louis City/County area all my life and practically refused to drive anywhere in the city limits….. maybe the Zoo… or the Botanical Gardens… those two places didn’t freak me out to much, but driving nearly anywhere else in STL gave me fits. Jacksonville, FL is so so so soooo much more laid back…. the roads make more sense…. people are a thousand times nicer….I’m just loving it here!

Mom and I went out for massages and then Brian met us for lunch at TacoLuimg_2295

TacoLu had good reviews on Find Me Gluten Free and I’m almost positive that our FL realtor had recommended it to us…. I think.

Our waiter went to get our drink order while we took a bit of time to look over the menu.  He returned with our drinks and was just setting the tortilla chips down on the table as I mentioned that we were all Gluten Free….. and he snatched the chips right back off the table.  ‘Let me go get you Gluten Free chips,’ he said.  He returned a few moments later with a bowl of commercial looking chips… possibly Tostitos?  They were fine…. I mean, I can narf a whole bag of Tostitos chips at home…. but the basket of glistening, deep fried chips that had been within my reach just moments ago had looked so good…. *sigh*

Our waiter was great, knowledgable and reassuring about the guten-less-ness of our meal and reassuring us that the tacos wouldn’t kill us*.  (*Note: you don’t generally die from being glutened….. you just wish you would.) The tacos could all be served with corn tortillas and all but one of the fillings (the Brisket because it’s marinated in beer) could be made GF.  (The two things that were fried could be made grilled instead.)

Spending the past few months in the RV has not been kind to my waistline….. no no… I can’t keep blaming the campground dryers for shrinking all my clothes…. I may (Almost definitely) have over indulged a bit recently.  (Thank goodness we finally got our bikes out of storage!)

So, I’m trying to be a bit more sensible with my portions…. trying…. I ordered two tacos and no sides…. and I tried to stay out of the chips and salsa.


The tacos were good, the salsa okay…. the decor was fun…. very ‘Día de Muertos’ kind of festive.  The staff was great about reassuring us and most importantly, we felt just fine after we ate.  For tacos I liked Casa Maya better, but TacoLu was really good a second.

1712 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

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