Sweet by Holly



OMGeee, these things were little sprinkle covered cups of happiness!

I’d tried to get Brian to go with me to Sweet by Holly the day before, but he’d gotten kind of annoyed with me when I lured him into Target saying that I just needed tape…. and then four boxes of coffee and a small turkey later we were hiking across the parking lot with arm-loads of shopping bags.

Mom and I returned the next day after spending the day at the beach…. Yay for 76° days in November!

Sweet by Holly had gotten really good reviews on the Find Me Gluten Free app…. and well, its cupcakes… I had to check them out!  We even got one for Brian.

Chocolate Raspberry:
Chocolate cake filled with raspberry and swirled chocolate and raspberry buttercream

Chocolate Peanut Butter:
Chocolate and peanut butter batter swirled together, along with chocolate and peanut butter buttercream swirled together

Black Out:
Imported semi sweet chocolate is melted into both the cake and the frosting without restraint. The best extra brute cocoa powder in the world is then added to create a richness and depth of flavor that knock you off your feet!

The cupcakes were delicious.  Mom and Brian gave them 4 out of 5 stars.  I’m not sure what they’d have wanted for that extra star… I thought they were pretty fantastic.  Not at all grainy or crumbly… they were moist and super flavorful.

I really appreciated that all the GF cupcakes were in a separate case. It always makes me nervous when the GF and Non-GF items are in the same display case.

We got there pretty late in the day and there were still several choices of GF cupcake flavors to choose from.  I have plans to go back and sample the rest of them soon!

Sweet by Holly
4624 Town Crossing Dr. – Suite 137
Jacksonville, FL 32246

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