M Shack

Brian and I discovered M Shack on our first trip to Jacksonville, FL while we were scoping out potential homes in Nocatee.  M Shack was a new addition to the Nocatee Town Center…. a new and dangerous delicious addition.  I pretty quickly fell in love with the burgers and milkshakes.  M Shack was one of the places that we sat and said to ourselves… ‘yeah… we want this kinda life.’  People wander up to the restaurant… some come on bicycles or on their golf carts… many bring their dogs and sit at the outdoor patio…. and sit and catch up with friends under the palm trees.  Yeah…. I can get used to that.

The Gluten Free items on the menu are extensive and clearly marked.  The gluten free buns are delicious, but the burgers are great without the bun too.

We’ve probably eaten at M Shack half a dozen times already… and I keep meaning to try different things on the menu, but I’m hooked on the Swamp Burger.  I loved the pickles so much that when I found them in the local grocery store I bought a jar just for me… Mom and Brian aren’t into them…. More-For-ME!  Wickles Pickles are slightly sweet and ever so slightly spicy….the perfect pickle combination.  You can get them from Amazon or find them in a Publix grocery store like I did.  (You probably shouldn’t grab them off the shelf and yell, ‘Oh My God, Mom…. Pickles!’ like I did…. people tend to stare.)

Swamp Burgerimg_2400

Our Signature Beef Patty topped with Pulled Pork, House-made BBQ Sauce, Wickles Pickles, Swiss Cheese and a Ranch Coleslaw
Brian tends to order more… sedate food…. I think he gets a cheeseburger… maybe?  I’m not sure.  As soon as they plop that basket of burger insanity down in front of me I don’t have the ability to pay attention to much else.   Heaven help me if there are milkshakes involved.  I keep trying to not order the chocolate milkshake… but it’s just do damn good.  It’s barely liquified chocolate ice cream…. It’s not like those slimy, slushy, melted milkshakes at a fast food joint….. this is ice cream.  It’s thick and chocolatey and delicious.  I haven’t gotten a chance to try one of the ‘boozy’ milkshakes yet…. but it’s on the list.
img_2398Then there are the  Tatchos*….. Oh, M Shack, you will be the death of me…. but I won’t hold it against you.


Tater Tots, Bacon, Cheddar, Ranch, Green Onion, Tomato Relish

*Note: The Tatchos aren’t labeled GF on the menu, but Mom and I have eaten them several times and never had a problem.

M Shack – Nocatee

641 Crosswater Parkway
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32081

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  1. Stephanie, the owners are so nice and for a romantic evening you should go to Medure over in Ponte Vedra Beach (same owner, David Medure). It is a very romatic setting, a little pricey but oh so worth it!

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