Door County Wisconsin

Okay, I’m really behind on posting. No good reason for it really…. just nothing terribly exciting. We’re still having a good time on our adventure, but more in the way of ‘Gee, that was nice’ as opposed to ‘OMG!  Wait ’till I post this!’  

Door County, Wisconsin was fun. Lots of pretty countryside and picturesque sites. 

We went to the Sister Bay Fall Festival one afternoon.  I thought it was a bigger event, but apparently when Brian and I visited last year there were a couple different festivals going on around the county and I’d just squooshed them together in my mind. The one Festival was still fun… just not as big as I’d made it in my head…. so it didn’t take nearly as long to see the crafts and then be done for the day. 

Goats on the roof of Al Johnson’s… eating the grass roof!

Mom and I are getting seriously claustrophobic in that RV so we kinda revolted when Brian wanted to go back after the festival. I pouted until he said we could go look at the damn lighthouses (he didn’t say ‘damn’ outloud, but you could still hear it implied).  

Boo was not the least bit impressed by the (damn) lighthouse. Admittedly, it wasn’t the most impressive lighthouse, but it did keep us out and about a lot longer. Of course there wasn’t any parking available near the light house, but Brian had (foolishly) handed me the map of the park and I’d noticed a walking trail from another parking lot through the woods to the light house… it didn’t look like a long trail… it was only like an inch or two on the map!  (1.5 miles.. each way.) 

I kept trying to get a cute shot of Boo leading me through the woods… the light was so pretty filtering down through autumn leaves and Boo looked so adorable trotting down the trail. I finally convinced Mom and Brian to keep walking so that Boo would keep walking  so that I could take the picture…. and I promptly got tangled up in her leash, stomped on her paw and rolled my ankle over a tree limb. Boo’d had enough of me and my stupid camera after that and I apologized and carried her the rest of the way back. 

The next day was grey and rainy and Mom and I were clawing at the windows…. we don’t do well with confinement. Brian had enough of me and Mom so he told us to go out and entertain ourselves. (You can imagine how well that went over.) 

Door County is filled with cute little touristy areas on a peninsula… there’s not a lot of trouble we could get into and since it was a peninsula I probably couldn’t manage to get too lost…. but fine!  We’d go entertain ourselves… hrump! 

So we went shopping…. at every antique store on the whole damn peninsula. 

I found the deviled egg dish that I’d been hunting….

and the Syrup pitcher! 

Grandma used to collect Early American Press Cut glass (EAPC) – Star of David pattern. I loved her collection and I loved that she USED it.  It wasn’t like she collected it and it went on a shelf… she liked it, she’d find it at yard sales and she’d buy pieces for a quarter and use them. I used to borrow her fancier pieces, like the punch bowl and the platters for parties. When she passed I got her collection and I’ve been adding to it slowly. I have these rules for collecting though… I’m not paying crazy Antique Store prices for any piece. Most pieces can be found at yard sales for $.25 – $1.00. Everybody’s grandma had a few pieces so they’re always turning up at yard sales. There are a few ‘rare’ pieces that I’m missing, but I’m not paying $25-$50 for ’em. I’ve had my hands on both the syrup pitcher and the egg dish in the past, but never for less than $25……  I got both of these pieces for less than $20!!!  

I also found these cool Torpedo (or bullet or boudoir) lamps!  (Don’t say anything dirty about my lamps… I think they’re cool.) I’d never seen anything like them before… and they were on sale!  Brian will have to put new electrical cords on them… one has a wear spot on it that makes me nervous. So shiny! 

I still hadn’t had enough retail therapy by that point… and we were still gonna show Brian how much fun we could get into on our own… so we stopped for lunch at the Cookery. Mom and I each ordered a sandwich and then traded half. New discovery!  Cream cheese and cherry jam tastes fabulous on oven roasted turkey slices! (With gluten free bread, of course.) Oh! And applesauce with cherries is equally delicious. It wasn’t that mushy, baby food applesauce… this was thick, chunky, cinnamon-y applesauce with tart cherries. OMG!  I bought a jar of the applesauce to take back and show Brian all the awesomeness that he’d missed out on. 

It was still pretty early, even after we’d sat and talked over iced tea and cherry lemonades…. so we decided to just drive around the whole damn peninsula. I checked the gas ‘range’ thingie on the car… I had 130 miles and I figured that’d be plenty… so off we went! 

When the gods built me they didn’t waste a lot of internal space (space that could be dedicated to my tummy for stuffing full of all kinds of yummy food) on a silly thing like a bladder…. I’m pretty sure they gave me and extra-extra small bladder. Also, I am part raccoon. (You didn’t know that, did ya?). Well it’s true….. and I can’t eat a meal without a ton of water… or iced tea…. and those two factors (which are completely beyond my control!) have led me to some pretty interesting bathroom stops. 

Me: Mom, I’m gonna die if we don’t stop. 

Mom: Again?!

Anyway… so I stopped to pee… again. And as I was wandering around the far side of the gas station (why is the bathroom all the way around the back of the scary gas station?  Are they trying to make it easier for the serial killers?) I noticed a walkway that lead down to a beach. It was blocked off, but I leaned around the Do Not Enter signs and noticed what looked like a public park just a ways down. So… my teeny tiny bladder isn’t all bad. (Have you seen that R/X commercial where this cute bladder is leading this lady to the bathroom all the time and then she gets mad and yells at it… in public… and then takes it to the doctor and gives it drugs. I feel so sorry for that bladder… that lady should be more open to the interesting places that her badder leads her to… also…. she’s hallucinating a giant pink bladder… who’s the one who needs drugs, huh?) 

Anyway, so Mom and I found this really cool park with a little…. jetty?  Mini-peninsula? Long hunk of land that led out into the water…. and we walked out and I took pictures while this wicked looking storm rolled in and brought equally wicked looking waves.  And then my fingers froze off because I was trying to get a photo of the water crashing over the rocks… and I got wet… and my fingers froze off. It was a really pretty park…. and we’d have never even noticed it if it weren’t for my ridiculously tiny bladder. Also the park had a bathroom so we stopped there too before we left.  (Someone really needs to monitor my liquid intake.) 

By that time it was starting to get dark and we were pretty cold… and all the shops were closing…. so we decided that we’d punished Brian enough… and we headed home. When we got back Brian had made pizza… from scratch…. so we forgave him. 

The next day, apparently Brian had  learned his lesson (or perhaps he’d seen the credit card summary…) and decide it was better to go with us. 

Mom wanted to take the ferry to Washington Island… so we loaded up in the car… I mentioned that Brian should maybe check the gas before we got too far….. and headed to the ferry. 

I’ve been on lots of boats and ferries and I’ve never gotten sick… I love boats!  I don’t generally get car sick (as long as I’m not in the back), but apparently the combination of ‘car on boat’ does make me sick. The ferry had barely left the dock before my stomach started to roll. I opened the sun roof hoping that I just needed air, but that wasn’t nearly enough air. I rolled the window down and leaned my whole head and torso out the window…. for the whole trip. Mom and Brian were fine. Boo was jealous that I got to hang my head out the window and we won’t let her do that. 

There wasn’t a whole lot to do on the island… it’s a tiny island…. but we stopped at an art school shop that’s sells things that the artist make. I bought this beautiful hand-dyed yarn and a crochet needle. Nope, I don’t know how to crochet, I’m a knitter .. but I’ve decide Mom can teach me. She crocheted… 30 years ago… and I’ve picked out a really complicated pattern… what could go wrong!? 

We stopped at this beach that had these cool rounded limestone rocks. It was pretty, but there were signs saying that we couldn’t take the rocks and no dog allowed…. (yeah…. ’cause Boo would have caused all sorts of trouble, but that kid throwing rocks everywhere was fine, huh?) It probably would have been more fun to visit in the summer and play in the water.. as it was, the beach was pretty…

We also visited two lavender farms on the island… mostly because they were there and we thought we should… not because either mom or I actually like lavender.  I had a relative that had issues as a child… and lavender was supposed to be calming. Mom would slather him down with lavender until he smelled like a little French whore…. I wonder if he has flashbacks to those miserable days when he smells lavender?  I can’t stand the smell anymore…. so the lavender farm was pretty, but not the most relaxing stop for us. 

Brian made us leave after the lavender farm. He was worried that we’d miss the last boat off the island. 

The water was much rougher on the way back. I didn’t even try to stay in the car. I headed straight to the top deck. I nearly froze to death, but I loved the ride back… bumpy and wavy… I just need air and I’m fine. Boo was royally pissed. She was in her puppy pouch, under my coat and wrapped in my scarf. She was not impressed at all. 

We caught a couple of farmers markets in Door County before we left. I got this huge bouquet of flowers (dahlias and cabbage roses) for $8.00….OMG! Of course I hadn’t packed a vase so I had to improvise. I sliced the top off a milk jug and stuck a rock at the bottom for weight The flowers lasted quite a while and the cats didn’t even chew off the petals! 

Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park was our first stop on our Fall Colors Tour…. and our first State Park campground. 

I saw Brown County State Park recommended on Pinterest. There seemed to be a lot of pretty trails and tree-lined drives that would be pretty in the fall. 

The campsites didn’t have water or sewer hookups, but there was a dump station and a place where you could fill your water tanks in the campsite area. The sites did have electric hookups. There were nice bathrooms and shower facilities right in the center of the campground. They were clean and nicely lit…. with tons of hot water. 

*just noticed something that I didn’t even realize until we were at a new campground. The showers at Brown County State Park had doors like bathroom stalls… with a lock. Not a deadbolt, or anything, but at least they had a real door instead of just a shower curtain!  

The park is huge and the campsites are way deep into the park. While the park is centrally located to the downtown Brown County shops it takes a while to get out of the park. It’s still a good location, but it’s not like you’re out to town in five minutes. There were other campgrounds that were closer to town, but I liked being in the park. The facilities were nice and I liked being so close to all the hiking trails. 

The spaces were large enough and included plenty of room for the RV and the car and trailer. There was also a picnic table and fire pit at each site. There were large trees dotted around the campground…. it was pretty.  

I do wish there had been some kind of a buffer between the campsites. Everybody had a fire in their fire pit and the smoke was kind of overwhelming… even in the RV with the windows closed. The campground and park are pet friendly…. but my little monster doesn’t like other dogs hanging around her RV. A little bit of trees or bushes in between the sites would have helped block Boo’s view of the other furry neighbors. (She has something against Beagles…) 

I would definitely recommend the Brown County State Park. The park is great for hiking or taking trail rides. They also had a number of events… though we managed to keep ourselves plenty busy doing other things around the area. 

*Brian said that I should mention that our campsite was pretty level, but some of the others that we saw had quite a bit of slope to them. He suggests that you be sure to look at the photos of the sites on the reservation page before choosing one. 

Apple Dump Cake

It’s been a boring, yucky couple of days around the RV.  Yesterday I woke up with another headache and just generally felt crappy.  It was moving day, but Mom and Brian let me be a big baby and they handled most of the packing up (which mostly consists of stowing loose stuff so that it doesn’t fly around the RV while we’re moving) and loading the car on the tailer.  It was only a three hour drive from West Bend to Door County, most of which I slept…. ON MY ARM!  I’m not sure how long I sleeping on my arm, but when I woke up it was gone.  From my fingers all the way up to my elbow…. the whole arm was missing. Don’t worry… it came back to life… eventually.

Our new RV site is really pretty.  All the RV sites are separated by trees and tucked back into pretty little wooded areas.  Very peaceful and secluded. I took a couple photos yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling really into it.. my head still hurt.  Mom and Brian took our laundry up to the on site laundromat (yay!) and left me to take a hot shower and more aspirin.  Which seemed like a good idea when they left…. but then Boo and I realized that we were all alone… in the dark…. in the woods.  So we locked the door…. and forgot to turn the porch/awning lights on…. so we locked Mom and Brian out in the dark, scary woods.  (oops)

This morning we woke to heavy rain and overcast skies.  Boo was freaked by the heavy rain and thunder and she ran around the RV looking for a good place to hide.  Brian finally piled the pillows up on the bed into a nice fort for her to hide in and she was okay then.

Our plan for the day had been to visit the shops in Door County, but that sounded like a lot less fun in the rain.  We caught up on a few of the shows we’d managed to record on the DVR.  (I cannot wait until we can have Netflix again… I’ve missed so many shows.  I’m going to need to spend a month binge watching to catch up!)

I tend to bake when I’m bored, but in the RV we only have this little convection/microwave oven thingie.  It’s worked pretty well on the few things that I’ve tried so far, but I haven’t tried anything major.  Since I had the time and I was super bored… I thought I’d give it a try today.

I took inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers, Sweet Recipea’s, Caramel Apple Cookie Cobbler.  I adore Peabody, but her recipes are SO not gluten free…. mostly I just drool over her pictures, but I figured this recipe could be modified to GF fairly easily.  I divided the recipe in half since I only have the mini oven to work with.  And I also added crystalized ginger… because for some reason, Mom and I both had 2 jars (each)…. and pecans, ’cause, why not?


Apple Dump Cake


  • 3 large apples (I used Honeycrisp), peeled and diced
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. lemon juice
  • 1 cup Pamela’s Products GF Spice Cake Mix
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 1/4 cup Crystalized Ginger, chopped
  • 1/4 cup Pecans, chopped


  1. In a large pan over medium heat add apples, sugar, and lemon juice. Let it cook until the apples are tender and juicy.
  2. Grease an 8×8-inch baking dish with butter.
  3. Sprinkle cake mix over the top of the apples.
  4. Sprinkle pecans & crystalized ginger over the cake mix.
  5. Pour melted butter over the cake mix.
  6. Bake at 350F for 40 minutes or until top is golden brown.
  7. Serve warm

Not a fan of Frank

I don’t like Frank Lloyd Wright.  Don’t tell Brian, okay?  I just cannot stand the man…. and I’m not entirely sure why…. No, no…. I know why I wouldn’t like to be friends with him… He sounds like an overbearing ass.  Three wives, at least one long term mistress… pushy, and arrogant…. and his stupid houses leaked!


So, sure…. We wouldn’t have been pals.  But he’s dead… so It’s not like we were gonna hang out anyway…. So why do I want to punch this guy in the face every time we walk into one of his houses?  Maybe it has something to do with the way people talk about him.  The guides at the FLW houses sound like cult members…. they’re all gleeful and awed and speak in hushed tone that should be reserved for the tombs of pharaohs…  Okay, so I want to punch them too….. I don’t know why this guy provokes me so much! Brian keeps trying to remind me that what he was doing was so impressive and unique for the time period.  It’s not the architecture so much…. I think it’s just the man himself that makes me angry, but I’m not sure why…… why it matters…. why he bothers me so much…. Maybe he really pissed me off in a past life and I’m still holding a grudge?  Geeze, Stephanie!  Let it go, huh?

Brian and I visited another one of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses during our Fall Colors Tour of Wisconsin.  Since FLW houses are not pup friendly (or kid friendly… hell, even people friendly!) and the house was two hours away from where we were staying, we left Mom and Boo at the RV and Brian and I went to visit Taliesin on our own.


While I’m not a huge fan of FLW’s architecture, I do like certain elements of his designs.  I like what he did with windows, especially at the Taliesin house.  I loved the huge windows and the little wooden details that he would add to the corners.  I like the mix of stone and glass.  I like his taste in art too. Taliesin was filled with art works that he brought back from Japan.  And FLW thought that you should ‘live’ with the art, not hide it behind glass. So there are numerous sculptures scattered throughout the house and gardens.


Apparently I also like FLW’s gardening style.  Brian took a bunch of pictures of the house… I maybe took one or two, but mostly because I knew I was going to blog about our visit and figured I needed a photo of the place.  When I went back through my photos I apparently just took photos of the gardens.  (Oh! Oh!!! That’s another thing!  Some of the FLW houses they won’t let you take photos inside the house… Why!?)


Of the FLW houses that we have seen, and admittedly, it’s only been three so far.. I liked Taliesen the best.  This house felt far more ‘livable’ and inviting…. and I just adored the gardens.

Cheese Curds & Apple Wine

The morning started out windy and rainy. I’ve discovered that I like the sound of the rain on the top of the RV. It’s not quite the patter of raindrops on the metal porch roof at my old house, but it does have a pleasant ‘plunk’ that lends well to burrowing beneath the covers and sleeping in late. 

The weather seems to have turned here in Wisconsin and decide to be ‘fall’ now. The leaves are starting to turn as well. It is a perfect time to be in Wisconsin. Actually, it’s an especially perfect time to be in Wisconsin, since our Missouri homes have sold and our Florida house hasen’t even begun to be built yet. Now with Hurricane Matthew wreaking havoc in our future home state we’re better off being ‘homeless’ at the moment. 

Brian had planned on taking us to a Fall Festival today, but apparently he’d mixed up two festivals and the one that was today was actually six hours away.  Oops. Poor Brian… my contribution to planning is to send him a bunch of random links and pictures from Pinterest and figure he’ll smooosh them all together into something awesome and organized. Actually…. he has no one to blame but himself, cause that usually works out just fine. 

I googled around a bit and found a winery and a cheese shop nearby and we decide to make today a lazy day.  We ate a late lunch of leftovers in the RV and then headed out to the winery. 

Armstrong Apple Orchard & Winery in nearby Campbellsport, WI offers a nice variety of Apple wines, a few hard ciders, regular wines and fresh picked apples. 

Brian was our designated driver… and basically ignored us as best he could while Mom and I sampled our way through far more wine than we normally (or should) consume at a time. The winery had a nice cushy couch near a huge window looking out into the orchard… and good cell service, so he was fine. 

I pretty much loved everything they put in front of me. I like sweet wine. I don’t even begin to understand how people can drink dry wine… why?! Just why?! I am not a wine connoisseur by any means. I like sweet, fruity, crisp and (usually) white wine. The Apple wines were my kind of wine… I even liked the hard cider that they warned me was much drier than the wines. 

Boo sat in her puppy pooch and seemed to enjoy the wine tasting. I think she just likes hanging out with us and meeting new people. She’s becoming a very well traveled pup. 

Mom and I agreed that we needed the Chocolate Raspberry wine 

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY We took the finished Raspberry Wine and added a dark chocolate to give you this amazing dessert wine. It starts off with the aromatic chocolate and finishes with the raspberry taste. 

And the Hot Apple Wine –


Hot Apple wine has a hint of chilli peppers and is our sweetest apple wine. It goes great with anything spicy like salsa or nachoes. It only warms you up a little, it doesn’t make you sweat, honest. 

We packed up our wine purchases, a bag of Honeycrip apples and our souvenir wine glasses (I forgot to pack wine glasses!) and headed out to find cheese.  

There was a cute little area of pumpkins outside the winery and I tried to convince Boo to let me get a few photos of her. Little stink!  I had to bribe her with treats to get her to hold still and smile. Brian was standing beside her to get her to stay on the wall and Mom was standing behind me snapping and whistling. I’m sure we looked like a bunch of drunken loons…. but I did get some cute photos… so it was worth it. 

Baker Cheese Store was just a few miles down the road from the winery… (See why I like Wisconsin?  You just drive around windy back roads and find cheese, wine and art!) I’ve been telling Mom about cheese curds since Brian and I visited Wisconsin last year and I finally had the chance to have Mom try squeaky cheese. She’s bought it from the grocery store at home, but it’s just not the same. FRESH cheese curds are warm (these bags were just sitting on the counter at room temperature) and when you eat them they are slightly rubbery and they squeak against your teeth. Yes, it sounds wierd, but they taste good and they’re fun. We also bought FRESH string cheese… packaged this morning… and a tub of port wine cheese and a tub of chocolate fudge cheese.  I’m not so sure about that last one, but Mom wanted to try it, so what the hell. 

Boo was in heaven!  Cheese is her favorite thing in the world. 

It was still pretty early after we’d stocked up on cheese, apples and wine….what else could we possibly need?  Exercise, perhaps?!  Yeah. So I googled ‘attractions’ in Google Maps and Parnell Fire Tower popped up nearby. (We find more weird and interesting thing by just searching around us on Google Maps.) 

Boo was not impressed with the bazillion steps that needed to be hiked to even get to the tower, so… Brian carried her. She doesn’t quite seem to get this ‘hiking’ thing.  Or maybe she does…?

Then there are even more stairs once you get to the tower. It’s 60 feet up…. but the view is worth every step. 

That seemed like more than enough exercise for one day, so we headed back home to the RV to snack on our new cheeses and wine.

Cedarburg, WI

I had a miserable night last night.  I started out with a little headache and I’d hoped that it would go away while I slept.  Nope.  It was one of those nights where the pain pooled in the crevices and hollows of my skull like liquid acid.  Rolling from one side to the other only caused the pain to slosh across fresh, tender brain matter where the acid gnawed its way into the brain and bones on the other side.  I got up sometime during the night and took some aspirin and got a warmie for my neck.  I should have gotten something to eat while I was up… I know better…. When I have one of those headaches I usually have some kind of blood sugar issue going on.  My Grandma used to call them ‘Sick Headaches’.  Getting her food and/or sleep schedule thrown off would bring on a ‘Sick Headache’.  I lucked out and didn’t have a major headache today too…. just a little off and on ache… hungry and then not hungry. I’ve had worse.

Brian, a fan of architecture, wanted to see some of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses today. I’m not a huge fan of FLW…. actually, I dislike FLW houses….. I think they’re uncomfortable, ugly and overly impressed with themselves… but Brian likes them.  I knew that Boo wasn’t welcome on any of the FLW tours so Mom and I agreed that one of us would go with Brian and one would stay in the car with Boo.  Since I was tired anyway, I said I’d be happy to stay in the car and Boo and I would read…. maybe take a walk around the grounds.  At Wingspread there was supposed to be a walkway out to a lighthouse or something…. it was on their map in the parking lot. Yeah… no… no walking on the grounds.  Gods forbid we walk around unchaperoned.  Boo and I got sent back to the front parking lot.  The lady, very politely, told us if we wanted to walk we could walk back up the driveway.  Oooookkaay.  Boo and I sat in the car and waited for Mom and Brian to return.  Boo and I remain unimpressed with Frank Lloyd Wright and his leaky houses.

After the FLW tour we headed to the historic town of Cedarburg, WI.  We’ll be going back again this weekend for their Fall Festival, but I figured that the town would be crowed this weekend and if we wanted to see the shops, we should go during the week. It’s a pretty little town.  Lots of old building and interesting shops, but living in the RV has really dampened my shopping abilities for the moment.  I don’t have anywhere to store anything that I buy and since the new house isn’t even built, I don’t know where anything would go anyway.  I did want to check out Amy’s Candy Kitchen though.  I’d read drool worthy reviews of the gourmet candy apples and just had to sample them for myself.

Yup…. heaven on a stick!

We finished off our tour of Cedarburg with a visit to the last remaining covered bridge in Wisconsin.  I’ve got a thing for covered bridges.

We snapped a bunch of photos and then headed back to town for dinner.  

After dinner Mom and I ran into Piggly Wiggly for some groceries.  It was surprisingly civilized for a place called ‘Piggly Wiggly.’



Brown County Indiana 

Our first stop on our Fall Colors Tour (as I’ve decide to call this month before we actually move to Florida) was Brown County Indiana. Brian and I had planned to visit a few years ago after a MINI Track Weekend, but ‘lil Blue pitched a hissy and we ended up spending a few days at the dealership getting her fixed instead. 

Pinterest led me to the Brown County State Park. It’s a huge park with a nice campground that had good facilities. The cats enjoyed sitting in the RV windows and watching the neighbors. Boo wasn’t so impressed with all the people and their dogs. Apparently, she’s got something against Beagles…. I dunno what, but the she cussed the neighbor Beagle out every time she saw it. 

On Monday we hiked some of the trails through the park. I took a ton of photos of mushrooms/fungi. I also slid down a hill and landed on my butt… good thing I have plenty of padding. If I hadn’t been eating all those caramel apples I might have really gotten hurt! 

Maybe I can convince Brian to let me visit a Starbucks for caffeine and WI-FI and I can load a few of my more interesting fungi photos to my Fine Art America account later. 

Boo likes to go on hikes…. as long as someone else is doing the hiking. 

Saturday we visited Downtown Nashville, IN. It’s a pretty little tourist town with dozens of shops, restaurants and wineries. 

I finally found one of those tall banner flags (sometimes called feather flags) shaped like a ghost. I’ve seen them places, but never for sale. I convinced Brian that we needed it because all the other RV’s and campers had decorated their spots and we just looked pathetic without any decorations. (Seriously, people have decked out their camp areas. It’s crazy!) The ghost flag should go good with the zombie flamingos that the lady who bought our house gave us as a moving gift. (Watch Facebook for the photos!) 

Boo found some treats at Bone Appetit Bakery that she was just head over tail for. I’ve bought her tons of fancy treats, but usually she just turns up her nose and sneers at me… but these Pumpkin Flax cookies were something special. They’re gluten free and made with pumpkin and cinnamon… flax…. and other stuff… they smell really good and they’re nice and soft. We bought her a small bag because she usually gets bored after a treat or two, but she kept asking for more. The shop owner said that they ship, but she also said that they freeze well and since Boo was so impressed with them we went back and bought a 1lb bag and froze it. 

Boo has her own Instagram account now and she’s also on Facebook if you’d like to follow her adventures and read her reviews. 

Sunday we drove around and checked out the local artists’ studios on the Backroads of Brown County Studio Tour.  (The self guided tour runs all through October.) They’re really, really serious when they say ‘back roads’. There were a number of tiny, twisty gravel roads that made us really glad that we’re driving Mom’s sensible car and not our sporty convertible. We probably couldn’t have made it to a number of the studios in the convertible. The dive was enjoyable. Indiana is beautiful, but it feels lonely…. nice to visit, but I don’t think I’d want to live here. No wonder there are so many artist studios… they’ve got to be bored out of their skulls when the snow starts to fall. 

We saw a lot of pretty artwork. I would have liked to buy a few things, but since our house isn’t even built yet I’m not sure where anything would go…. I’m not even sure where all my walls are going to be yet!   

On the recommendation of one of the artist from the Studio Tour we tracked down the Bean Blossom Covered Bridge. There are a bunch more covered bridges in the area, but we only had the three days and I’d already managed to keep us pretty entertained so we just visited the one. 

Brown County was fun to visit. I’d recommend it for a long weekend in the fall. A nice girls weekend or romantic getaway.